Agri-Food Trade Statistics and Reports

These reports and graphs provide insights into agri-food trade in Manitoba and changes over time.



MB Agri-Food Trade Dashboard

This is an interactive dashboard built in Excel that displays overall Manitoba Trade Statistics for the most recent 5 years (2016-2020), as well as for selected countries (Top 10 trading partners) and regions. 

International Trade

Manitoba Top 10 Protein and Crop Exports 2020 

Livestock Exports Tables


Food and Beverage Manufacturing - Trade

International Market Research Reports

These market research reports by region, country and sector (e.g., oilseeds, pulses, ingredients, bakery, dairy, meat, packaged food) are shared through the Export Market Analysis Consortium (EMAC), a partnership between Agriculture and Agri-food Canada, Manitoba Agriculture, and other provinces to coordinate international market analysis to advance agri-food exports to key markets.

If you cannot find what you’re looking for from these published reports, please direct your request for agri-food export market analysis to this email which ensures your request is coordinated through the Consortium.


Historic Agri-Food Trade Tables


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