Manitoba’s Protein Sector

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Explore the links below to follow Manitoba’s journey to becoming a globally recognized supplier of sustainable protein.

Manitoba’s Protein Advantage Strategy

Manitoba is home to the world’s largest pea processing facility, the world’s largest hemp processing company, the first canola protein processor in North America, and Canada’s largest bacon processing facility. It is also home to cutting-edge food processing and world-class research infrastructure in the agri-food space. Learn about Manitoba's Protein Strategy…

Sightlines to Sustainability

Global population growth is expected to reach nearly 10 billion by 2050. There are opportunities to assess and evolve your operations to meet the increasing consumer and ecological demands for sustainably produced food, regardless of your role as a farmer, agri-food processor, industry association member, or researcher. Find out how…

Protein Innovation

There are outstanding academic institutions and research agencies in Manitoba. Businesses in Manitoba can take advantage of a range of services provided by these agencies and institutions. Furthermore, Manitoba offers expertise in protein innovation through these research agencies. Among the expertise available are protein extraction, co-product use, and creating sustainable ingredients and products. Learn more...

Invest in Manitoba

There are numerous advantages to investing, building, and growing your protein business in Manitoba. The province has attracted investments through cost-shared programs totaling over $1.02 billion, creating 1,072 new jobs since 2019. Learn about Manitoba's advantages….

Protein Sources

Increasing populations, rising income levels, and changing dietary habits all contribute to the demand for protein. Manitoba has access to high-quality and sustainable plant and animal protein sources. Learn more…

Reports, Videos, and Podcasts

The Manitoba government envisions a province where well-managed businesses thrive. The results of its efforts can be seen in the success stories it has generated. Watch and listen…

Manitoba’s Thriving Protein Sector

New State-of-the-Art Bacon Centre of Excellence at Maple Leaf Foods

Maple Leaf Foods has completed its Bacon Centre of Excellence in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The new 73,000-square-foot facility investment will allow the company to expand its in-house production of microwaveable and pre-cooked bacon. The $195-million Lagimodiere plant will be Canada's largest bacon processing plant, set to produce pre-cooked bacon to meet growing consumer demands while innovating new, sustainable foods. Read the full story here…

Prairie Research Kitchen Partners to Create a High-protein Fava Bean Tofu

With growing market demand for plant-based proteins, Red River College Polytech's Prairie Research Kitchen, as a product development partner in collaboration with Prairie Fava and Big Mountain Foods, has developed non-allergen tofu using fava beans. The Manitoba-grown fava beans are set to drive the momentum for a resilient plant-based food ecosystem in Manitoba. Read the full story here…

Latest News

December 15, 2022: Governments of Canada and Manitoba Invest Over $600,000 to Establish Project ASPIRE Hub

December 15, 2022: Manitoba Government Highlights Success of Protein Advantage Strategy at Inaugural Animal Protein Summit 

June 8, 2022: Manitoba Government Unveils New Protein Research Strategy

Feb. 18, 2022: Manitoba's Plan to Become World Leader in Sustainable Protein Gains Momentum

Feb. 16, 2022: Innovative Agricultural Insurance Product to Strengthen Manitoba Forage and Livestock Sectors

Feb.14, 2022: Manitoba Creates New Immigration Advisory Council to Guide Improvements to Provincial Policies, Programs

Jan.13, 2022: Agricultural Crown Land Lease Auctions to be Held Online In 2022


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