CVO Disease Investigations Dashboards

The Chief Veterinary Office (CVO) leads the Provincial Animal Disease Investigation and Surveillance Program that routinely track provincially reported disease outbreaks. This program allows for timely prevention, identification, control and, where appropriate, eradication of animal diseases that are essential to Manitoba’s agricultural production, food security, public health, animal welfare and international market access.

Indicator Dashboard

This dashboard displays a total of six indicators on animal disease investigations conducted by the Manitoba’s Chief Veterinary Office (CVO). The top three indicators display the number of disease investigations, disease sites and linked sites based on user-defined year, animal species and disease types. The bottom three indicators display the total number of investigations, disease sites and linked sites from 2012 to present.


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Timeline Dashboard

This dashboard depicts the timeline of animal disease investigation cases, disease sites and linked disease sites in Manitoba.

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Summary Dashboard

This dashboard displays a summary chart on the number of animal disease investigations by disease type and outcomes in Manitoba.

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