Horticulture School Webinar Series 

The Horticulture School is presented by Manitoba Agriculture, Agriculture Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) - Portage and Assiniboine Community College (ACC).  The school provides horticulture producers with learning opportunities to improve yield and quality of their crops.  If you are a market gardener, vegetable &/or fruit producer, or have an interest in horticulture production please join us for some on-line learning.

Horticulture Webinar Series - Summer 2021 Playlist

Horticulture Webinar Series - March 2021

Pumpkin/Squash Production

Hydroponic Vegetable Production

Passive Solar Greenhouses

Sweet Corn Production - Part 2

Sweet Corn Production - Part 1

Horticulture Webinar Series - Summer 2020

Topics: Profitability during Corona virus, fruit crop summary, grasshopper control
Topics: Nutrient uptake & removal, soil sampling
Topics: Vegetable update, vegetable crop diseases & management
Topics: Fruit update, fruit crop diseases & management
Topic: Sweet potato production
Topics: Spray drift, cruciferous pests on vegetables




The following are the focus areas of the school:
  • Pathology - Conventional and non-conventional disease management.
  • Fruit - Production information and updates
  • Vegetable - Production information and updates, sweet potato production, storage issues
  • Entomology - Early season pests - cutworms, flea beetles, diamondback moth, grasshoppers
  • Soils - Soil fertility planning
  • Weeds - Recognizing drift, systemic vs contact herbicides, post harvest weed control
  • Certified Crop Advisor credits are available for participants.
              High Tunnel Entrance                                   plant pathologist
fertility presentation