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The Animal Health and Welfare Branch led by the Chief Veterinary Officer investigates reports of poor animal welfare in livestock and companion animals (ex: pets and horses) in Manitoba. In order to update the public about efforts we are making to improve the welfare of livestock and companion animals in the province, we have published data from animal welfare investigations conducted since 2016. 


Trends in the Manitoba Animal Welfare Program



Non-Compliances to The Animal Care Act

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Section of Act Definitions
Section of Act Definitions
2 (1) (a) Failure to ensure an adequate source of food and water for an animal.
2 (1) (b) Failure to provide adequate medical attention for an animal when it is wounded or ill.
2 (1) (c) Failure to provide an animal with reasonable protection from injurious heat or cold.
2 (1) (d) Confinement of an animal to an enclosure or space with (i) inadequate space (ii) unsanitary conditions (iii) inadequate ventilation or lighting or (iv) without providing an opportunity for exercise, so as to significantly impair the animal's health or well-being.
3 (1) Infliction upon an animal acute suffering, injury, harm or extreme anxiety or distress that significantly impairs its health or well-being.


Case Outcomes from Inspection and Prosecutions

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Indicator Definitions
Indicator Definitions
Concerns Reported The number of concerns reported to the Manitoba Animal Welfare Program.
Inspections Conducted The number of inspections conducted by an Animal Protection Officer.
Tickets Issued The number of tickets issued by an Animal Protection officer.
Appeals Made An Appeal occurs when an owner disagrees with the actions taken by an Animal Protection Officer, which results in animals being seized, taken into custody or the owner being issued an Order under The Animal Care Act.
Inspection Outcome Definitions
Inspection Outcomes Definitions
Deemed Abandoned An animal taken into care that appears ownerless, found at a vacated premises, or left in the care of another person for more than 4 days after the agreed upon retrieval time under Section 1 (1) of The Animal Care Act.
Issued Director's Order to take Action An Order issued to an owner to enforce compliance with Section 2 of The Animal Care Act. This Order can be issued if an owner is repeatedly non-compliant with the Act and/or improvements need to be made to animal care within a short period of time to prevent animals suffering.
Issued Notice of Seizure Issued to an owner when:
  • An animal is deemed to be in distress by an Animal Protection Officer and actions are taken to relieve distress (ex: an animal is found with a broken leg and taken into care by an Animal Protection Officer for veterinary medical attention).
  • An owner is non-compliant with an Order.
  • An animal is deemed abandoned and taken into custody by an Animal Protection Officer (APO) to be provided with care.
Issued Notice of Distress

Issued to an owner when:

  • Animal(s) in the custody of an APO/CVO dies.
  • Distressed animal(s) in CVO custody is/are euthanized to relieve distress.

The notice highlights the type of animal(s), breed, sex and color as well as reasons/causes of death and the accredited personnel involved.

Issued Recommendation Recommendations made by an Animal Protection Officer to the owner to achieve compliance under The Animal Care Act (ex: recommendations to provide an adequately insulated and bedded shelter to an animal housed outdoors).
Voluntary Surrendered Ownership An animal owner transfers all rights of ownership of an animal to an Animal Protection Officer.
Prosecution Definitions
Prosecution Definitions
Justice's Order Issued to an owner:
  • Prohibiting an owner from owning or having possession or control of more than a specified number or type of animals, for a period of up to three years; and
  • Directing that any animals owned, possessed or controlled by the owner at the time the Order is made
    • (i) beyond the number of animals allowed under the order, or
    • (ii) other than the type of animal allowed under the order, become the property of the Crown
Prohibition Order Issued to an owner:
  • Prohibiting the person from owning or having possession or control of an animal or of a number or type of animals for any period that the justice considers appropriate, including a lifetime ban on an individual or any corporation controlled by the individual.
  • Directing that any other animals owned by the person at the time the prohibition order is served, become the property of the Crown.
Revocation of Director's Order Recommendations made by the Director if, in his or her opinion, the circumstances that gave rise to the order no longer exist, he or she shall revoke the order and give written notice of the revocation to the owner.


Animal Types involved with each Case

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For more information, please contact the Animal Care Line, or call 204-945-8000 (in Winnipeg); 1-888-945-8001 (toll free).