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The Food Development Centre provides technical assistance on a fee-for-service basis to help food entrepreneurs launch new products and enhance the quality and market potential of existing food products. 
Our clients range from first-time entrepreneurs to global corporations and can access services such as:     
•  protein extraction
•  product development
•  process and ingredient development
•  functionality testing and protein analysis
•  formulation and packaging selection
•  innovation in product applications 
•  assistance with health claims
•  nutritional labelling
•  food safety consulting
•  shelf-life and sensory evaluation
•  pilot scale commercial production
Here are just a few companies that have utilized our services in recent years (click the logo to go to their website):  




"FDC has provided the technology, resources and the support to bring several products to market successfully and in a cost-efficient manner. The staff is professional, reliable and very easy to work with. Thank you FDC."   Floating Leaf Fine Foods

"On several occasions when Granny’s has needed to run smaller trials to test techniques and recipes for new products using specialized equipment the FDC has been very accommodating. Having this federal establishment available to run medium size trial batches of product so close by is a great resource for our province`s food processing industry.”  Granny's Poultry Cooperative Ltd.

"The FDC is always quick to respond, and the team is super helpful with all of our inquiries. As regulations are changing we know we will be accessing the expertise at the Centre to make sure we get things right. As our company continues to grow, we are exceedingly grateful for the FDC services available to us to help our business move forward." Happy Dance Hummus

"The FDC team was a great partner in helping us push our process and product development efforts forward. They were diligent, resourceful and responsive to our needs for pilot trial scheduling and equipment. They paid great attention to detail and despite the physical distance, maintained a high bandwidth communication channel with us throughout the project. And to top it all, the entire team is super-friendly and such a pleasure to work with. Thank you to the entire FDC team!"  Impossible Foods, Inc.

"FDC was a great place for helping our transition from our commercial kitchen and Farmer’s Markets presentation to a professional presentation which allowed us to approach grocery and chain stores."
Las Salsas Corp.

“From lab analysis, sensory testing, to packaging, this to name a few of the benefits to having such a World Class Centre at our finger tips.”  Manitoba Starch Products

"A few years back we enlisted the help of the FDC to develop our unsweetened vegan almond pie shell.  Janice and her team did a great job of understanding what we wanted and didn't want as part of our formulation. This developed shell has now been commercialized and selling across the country."  Piccola Cucina