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You've got a great food product.  You see the demand for local food.  You want to grow your food business. 

Manitoba Agriculture can help you Build your Future in Food.

Manitoba Agriculture’s Value Added Branch supports the growth of food and agri-food companies in the province through two units, Business Development and Product Commercialization, which operates the Food Development Centre (FDC). Both units work together to provide the expertise and experience to deliver services in a single window approach that encourages economic growth and prosperity.

Business Development Unit 

The Business Development Unit supports Manitoba food and agri-product small and scalable businesses with marketing and exporter preparedness advice, pathfinding services, capacity building resources, and training tailored to client’s business needs.

Our business development specialists can help you:

  • research and identify market opportunities
  • develop marketing strategies and become retail-ready
  • navigate regulatory and labelling requirements
  • access Manitoba research institutions to assist with product and process development
  • evaluate processing facility options
  • access a licensed community kitchen or co-packer
  • determine your costs and optimum selling price
  • prepare to sell your product to grocery stores and foodservice
  • prepare to expand your market domestically and internationally
  • connect with financial assistance opportunities and industry partners

Manitoba Agriculture has launched a new Business Pathways website to make it easier to find the connections, tools and resources to help your business succeed.  The Business Pathways website provides a path that assists clients to progress logically through their development and provides linkages to programs and services to help you every step of the way.

For more information, please email us at Manitoba Agri Food.    


Product Commercialization Unit (Food Development Centre)

The Product Commercialization Unit, through FDC, supports Manitoba food businesses with applied research and development services to support sustainable protein innovation in ingredient and product development. 
FDC can help you to:  
  • develop novel proteins
  • develop protein ingredients and food and beverage applications
  • develop consumer protein products
  • add value to co/by products from your protein processing and waste streams

For more information, please email Food Development Centre