List of Food Safety Consultants  

Company Contact Details
Business Development Bank of Canada   Bettie Johnston
Phone: 204-983-6365
(PDF 45KB)
Canada Techs Chaudry Zahid Munir
Phone: 416-819-2372
(PDF 71KB)
Collis Consulting   Brian Collis
Phone: 204-487-3100
(PDF 267KB)
Dean Food Safety Strategies Sabrina Dean
Phone: 204-726-8970
(PDF 25KB)
dicentra Inc. Peter Wojewnik
Phone: 416-361-3400; Toll free: 866-647-3279
Evolutionary Consulting Corporation Jonas Johnson
Phone: 204-296-3865
(PDF 17KB)
Food Development Centre   Toll Free: 1-800-870-1044
Phone: 204-239-3150
Fax: 204-239-3180
Food Safety & Quality Solutions Jacintha Joseph
Phone: 647-821-2290 
(PDF 104KB)
Food Safety Solutions Inc.   Danni Kneeland and Jill Binder
Phone: 403-650-3299; 403-650-3903
(PDF 129KB)
Fulton Food Safety Inc. Sandra Fulton
Phone: 519-780-5317
Grant and Carol Chambers   Grant Chambers and Carol Chambers
Phone: 204-534-6943 or 204-534-8169/ 204-534-0806
JA Sutherland Consulting Services   Jo-Anne Sutherland
Phone: 204-231-3666 204-801-6919
(PDF 100KB)
Kasar Canada Ltd.   Brad MacCallum
Toll-free: 1-844-485-3330
Phone: 902-485-3331
(PDF 52KB)
NSF International   Paul Beaudoin
Phone: 289-838-2204 or 514-978-2203
(PDF 55KB)
Paul Valder Consulting Inc.   Paul D. Valder
Phone: 647-728-7798
Toll free: 866-817-3396
(PDF 123KB)
Prairie Food Safety Doug Barron
Phone: 204-330-6025
(PDF 60KB)
Rodriguez-Gonzalez Services Oscar Rodriguez-Gonzalez
Phone: 416-409-5345
(PDF 179KB)


If you are a Food Safety/HACCP Consultant who provides consultant services in Manitoba and would like to be included in this list, please contact us.

Manitoba Agriculture does not endorse any of the consultants included in the list. Manitoba Agriculture assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the results to be obtained from using these contacts. 

For more information, email the Food Safety and Inspection Branch or call 204-795-8418 in Winnipeg.