A Workplace Safety and Health Manual for Your Community

Section I - General Requirements

Introduction and Disclaimer

Table of Contents

A. Workplace Safety and Health Program Policy

B. Community Harassment Prevention

C. Community Ergonomic Plan

D. Violence Prevention

  • Appendix I-D-3 Violent Incident Report Form

Section II – Health and Safety Management

A. Inspection Process and Hazard Recognition & Control System

B. Emergency Response Plan

C. Plan to Control Chemical and Biological Hazards

D. Contractor Safety

E. Investigating Incidents, Accidents, Dangerous Occurrences & Right to Refuse Dangerous Work

F. Workplace Safety and Health Training Requirements

G. Workplace Safety and Health Representatives (Employees & Management)

H. Program Evaluation and Revisions

  • Appendix II-H-1 Program Evaluation and Revision Checklist

Section III – Rules, Procedures, Practices and Guidelines

A. Signage and Markers

B. Safety Rules

C. Safe Work Procedures - General

D. Safe Work Procedures - Tools and Small Equipment

E. Safe Work Procedures - Vehicles & Large Equipment

F. Safe Work Practices