Surface Water Management

The Surface Water Management Section provides scientific hydrological services and water resources engineering to support the sustainable use and management of surface water in Manitoba.


Hydrological sciences:

  • Statistical hydrology – frequency analysis of high and low flow events
  • Water retention planning and analysis
  • Climate change studies – hydrologic research and technical support to multi-disciplinary studies
  • Advanced GIS analysis to support water management
  • Hydrology support for integrated watershed management planning
  • Hydrology support and advice to multi-disciplinary teams and committees
  • Hydrologic input into instream flow needs and other environmental studies
  • General hydrology advice to clients

Engineering support to conservation districts:

  • Contract administration support – RFP preparation, tender preparation and evaluation, progress reports and assessments, etc.
  • Engineering support – structural, geotechnical, hydrologic, and hydraulic engineering to design water resources infrastructure such as small dams, culverts, dikes, and drains
  • Feasibility and planning studies
  • General hydrology and water resources engineering support and advice

Water supply and drought management:

  • Implement the Manitoba Drought Management Strategy
  • Monitor and report on water supply and drought conditions
  • Evaluate basin-scale drought preparedness across Manitoba
  • Chair and secretariat support for the Manitoba Drought Assessment Committee and coordinate stakeholder-based Basin Drought Assessment Groups
  • Maintain the Manitoba Drought Monitor website
  • Water supply analysis and advice

Transboundary water management:

  • Provide hydrology and scientific information to protect Manitoba's water quality and quantity
  • Actively participate on transboundary water management organisations including International Joint Commission boards, committees and task forces; Prairie Provinces Water Board's Committee on Hydrology; Assiniboine River Basin Initiative; Red River Basin Commission; etc.
  • Ensure Manitoba receives its entitled share of water under existing agreements
  • Collaborate with neighbouring organisations on transboundary water management issues

Clients and Partners:

Municipalities, communities, First Nations and indigenous peoples, individual landowners, citizens of Manitoba, Manitoba Agriculture, Emergency Measures Organization, Manitoba Infrastructure, Manitoba Agriculture, conservation districts, engineering and environmental consultants, transboundary water organizations, federal government, and City of Winnipeg.

Clients needs may include: assessments of dependable water supplies and water availability to assist in economic development planning and licensing; determination of design flows, fish passage and instream flow needs; accurate collection and computation of field data and its manipulation into databases in a timely fashion; and water availability and drought condition reports.