Public Registry

The public registry contains environmental assessment and licensing information for projects currently open for public comment, projects in process (i.e., the period for public comments has closed, but a licensing decision has not yet been made) and completed projects (i.e., projects for which a licensing decision has been made). The public registry includes projects licensed under both The Environment Act and The Dangerous Goods Handling and Transportation Act.

For proposals received since January 1, 2013 and for some earlier projects, a public registry webpage is available. The webpage may be accessed by clicking on the file number for the project in the main public registry table. For these projects, the public registry contains the proposal, public and Technical Advisory Committee comments on the proposal, additional information requested and received as part of the environmental assessment process, a project summary which details the steps of the process for the project, and an Environment Act licence or Dangerous Goods Handling and Transportation Act licence, if a licence was issued. Post licensing information may also be included.

For most earlier projects, the public registry contains a licence, if a licence was issued, and a project summary for many projects.

Within each project status category (open for comments, in process and completed), the registry table may be searched for keywords, and columns may be sorted in ascending or descending order by date or alphabetically. Useful keywords for searches include file numbers and licence numbers, licencee or proponent names (or former names), project names and municipalities (or former municipalities)