Wastewater Collection

Manitoba Conservation, Environmental Assessment and Licensing Branch, administers the portion of the Public Health Act in relation to wastewater collection systems, including the construction, modification, upgrading or extension of gravity or low pressure sewer collection systems, forcemains and lift stations. Approval is required for the development of new wastewater collection system or alteration of existing wastewater collection system pursuant to Sections 6 to 7 of the Water Works, Sewerage and Sewage Disposal Regulation MR 331/88R, and its Amendment under the Public Health Act.

Review Criteria

Manitoba Sustainable Developmet, Environmental Assessment and Licensing Branch applies the Recommended Standards for Wastewater Facilities (commonly known as The Ten States Standards). These standards guide in the design of plans and specifications for wastewater collection and treatment facilities. The Ten States Standards are available from Health Education Services.

In addition to the Ten States Standards, the Environmental Assessment and Licensing Branch also applies Ontario's Design Guidelines for Sewage Works.

Other Project Approval Considerations

Projects involving the construction of a new public or semi-public water system, or the alteration of an existing public or semi-public water system require approval from the Office of the Drinking Water pursuant to the Drinking Water Safety Act and a supporting regulation, the Drinking Water Safety Regulation MR40/2007.

In addition to the Public Health Act or Drinking Water Safety Act approval, certain projects may require a licence pursuant to the Environment Act and the Classes of Development Regulation (164/88). The types of projects that may be involved included sewage lagoons, wastewater treatment plants, water impoundments, and water treatment plants which will be discharging wastewater to a surface water system.

Manitoba Transportation and Government Services must be contacted for provincial road or highway pipe crossings. It may also be necessary to contact railways, and other utilities.

The Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Division has guidelines and bulletins which address safe workplace issues including chemical storage and eyewash station design.

Additional information may be requested to complete the review. The focus of the review is on the environment and public health related concerns. If all environment and public health concerns appear to have been addressed, a Certificate of Approval for construction and operation is issued for the proposed works.

Submission Instructions

Please submit the technical information package, checklist and application form to the Director of the Environmental Approvals Branch.

***Note: The government is currently experiencing a temporary issue with emails from outside of government that have attached files that are archived/compressed (Zip files) and encrypted/password protected PDF or Microsoft office files.

The government network may block the delivery of these emails. Neither receiver nor sender will receive a notification that the email was blocked. The Environmental Approvals Branch will send a confirmation email within two business days to confirm receipt of emails with attachments. 

If you do not receive a confirmation email, please follow up with an email without an attachment to EABDirector@gov.mb.ca or call 204-794-1176 to arrange an alternative method of delivery.