Post-exposure Prophylaxis for HIV, HBV and HCV: Integrated Protocol for Managing Exposures to Blood and Body Fluids in Manitoba

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Table of Contents

Letter to HCP - Re: New – Expanded HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis Coverage

HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis Drug Coverage Eligibility with Pharmacy Claims Procedure and Prescription Template

Changes from the Pre-Amended (October 2018) Version

Post-exposure Prophylaxis for HIV, HBV and HCV

PDF version - 40 pages
Best printed coloured on both sides of letter-sized paper


Using this Protocol

Quick PEP Guide

1.   Overview

2.   Initial Non-Specific Prophylactic Measures and Risk Assessment
      2.1   Initial Assessment and Reporting of Exposure Incident
              2.1.1. Occupational Exposures
              2.1.2. Non-Occupational Exposures
      2.1   Risk Assessment of Exposure Incident for Consideration of PEP
              2.2.1. Body Fluid Involved
              2.2.2. Type of Exposure
              2.2.3. Status of Source

3.   HIV PEP
      3.1. Provision of HIV Prophylaxis
      3.2. HIV Laboratory Testing

4.   HBV PEP
      4.1. Provision of HBV Prophylaxis
      4.2. HBV Laboratory Testing

5.   HCV PEP
      5.1. No Available HCV Prophylaxis
      5.2 HCV Laboratory Testing

6.   References

Appendix A - HIV PEP Starter Kits

Appendix B - HIV PEP Pre-Printed Prescription Form

Appendix C - Laboratory Testing

Appendix D - Important Contact Numbers and Useful Web Links in Manitoba


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