Enteric Illness Protocol

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Table of Contents

List of Abbreviations

1.   Introduction
      1.1   Purpose
      1.2   Goal
      1.3   Scope
      1.4   Definitions

2   Response to Enteric Illness Outbreaks
      2.1   Reporting and Other Requirements
      2.2   Legislation
      2.3   Risk Assessment
      2.4   Initial Control Measures
      2.5   Investigation
      2.6   Communication
      2.7   Enteric Illness Outbreak Summary Report
      2.8   Outbreak Response Team Roles and Responsibilities
      2.9   Additional Outbreak Response Team Members

3   Response to Enteric Illness Outbreaks
      3.1   List of Enteric Organisms which may be Transmitted by Food and/or Water
      3.2   Attack Rate Table
      3.3   Foodborne Illness Complaint Form
      3.4   Summary of Case Histories/Epidemiological Table
      3.5   Initial Control Measures
      3.6   Instructions for Stool Sample Collection
      3.7   The Cadham Provincial Laboratory Requisition Form
      3.8   Cadham Provincial Laboratory Enteric Illness Outbreak Testing
      3.9   Environmental (i.e. Food, Water) Specimen Testing
      3.10   ALS Laboratory Group Analytical Request Form
      3.11   Microbial Guidelines for Food


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