Your Immunization Record Matters

Your immunization record should include a list of all of the vaccines you have received in your lifetime. A complete immunization record lets your health care provider know which vaccines you may be due or overdue to receive, based on Manitoba's routine immunization schedule. It also helps Manitoba Health monitor vaccine uptake and how protected the population is against vaccine preventable diseases.

If you received an immunization in Manitoba, your provider will automatically update this information in your electronic immunization record. The details of the immunization is added to Manitoba's immunization registry, which is called the Public Health Information Management System, or PHIMS.

However, if you received any immunizations in another province or outside of Canada, they are not automatically added to your record here in Manitoba. Please submit a copy of your immunization records to Manitoba Health so they can be added to your immunization record.

To submit a copy of your immunization records, complete this eForm and follow the directions.

To add or update an immunization record, you must provide:

  • Your Manitoba Personal Health Information Number (PHIN).
    • If you don't have a PHIN, call Registration and Client Services at 204-786-7101 or Toll-free 1-800-392-1207
  • An image of your official immunization record (for example, an immunization card or record from a physician's office) showing the details of the dose(s) you received.
  • Your personal contact information

Your personal health information, including your immunization record, is confidential and protected by law under The Personal Health Information Act.

How to get a copy of your immunization record

You can get your immunization record by submitting a request via the Immunization Update Request Form and it will be mailed to you.

You may also be able to get a copy by:

  1. Contacting your local public health office
  2. Check if your local medical clinic or physician’s office can provide them to you
  3. Asking at a local nursing station or health centre

The Manitoba Immunization registry was started in 1988. Immunizations provided prior to 1988 are unlikely to be included in Manitoba Health’s official registry. Please check for paper records at home or with your local health care provider.

Manitoba Health sends out a copy of your immunization record when you turn 7 and 18 years old.

Immunizations in Manitoba

People are eligible for different vaccines throughout their entire life. In Manitoba, vaccines are publicly funded.  This means vaccines are given free-of-charge to all Manitobans based on Manitoba's routine immunization schedules, immunization schedules for those not previously immunized, and Manitoba's eligibility criteria. Vaccines that are part of Manitoba's Immunization Program are available from physicians, public health offices, and pharmacies (depending on age and vaccines). Please speak with a health care professional about accessing vaccines that you may be eligible to obtain.

For more information

Contact Manitoba Government Inquiry at 204-945-3744 (1-866-626-4862), through Ask Health, or speak to your health care provider.