Developing Your Cottage Lot on Crown Land

Except for development of roads and certain other site-specific improvements, subdivisions are generally provided in their natural state, with future lot clearing and development being the responsibility of the purchaser.  Interested applicants are strongly encouraged to visit and inspect the lot that interests them prior to submitting an application.

Some subdivisions have been pre-serviced by Manitoba Hydro.  You can learn about each individual subdivision’s services by clicking on the subdivision names in the First-Come, First-Served Inventory. All additional costs associated with bringing in servicing and hooking up individual lots is at the expense of the purchaser.

The sale of lots is for the purposes of the development of a cottage only. The purchaser shall construct the cottage in accordance with the applicable municipal authority’s building time restrictions, if any.  The purchaser also agrees not to park a trailer, travel trailer, fifth wheel, or erect a tent on the lot for use as a cottage.

The construction of cottages must comply with all applicable legislation, regulations, building standards and zoning by-laws that can be obtained from the local rural municipal office, Manitoba Municipal and Northern Relations, or Manitoba Labour and Immigration (Inspection and Technical Services Manitoba)

The location of your lot will determine where you need to go to obtain the relevant approvals to develop your lot and information on building standards in your area.

Work Permits:

Building Permits:

  • If your lot is within a Rural Municipality, submit your site plan and Building Permit Application to the local municipal office.
    Association of Manitoba Municipalities – Directory and Map:
  • If your lot is located within unorganized territory (not within a municipality), the Department of Manitoba Municipal and Northern Relations acts as the municipal authority. In these areas, lot holders are required to apply for a building permit through Manitoba Labour and Immigration (Inspection and Technical Services Manitoba).
  • Should you have any questions or wish to obtain more information about the Inspection and Technical Services Building Permit Application, you may call 204-945-33 73 or visit online at the following link:

Onsite Wastewater Management:

  • Information on wastewater management regulatory requirements, design and installation standards, and registration forms can be found at the Onsite Wastewater Management System Program website.
  • You can also contact your local Environment Officer if you have any questions or require assistance.

Use of Crown Reserves:

  • Lot owners (outside of Provincial Parks) do not have exclusive use of the Crown Reserve fronting their lot, but may be permitted to undertake certain development on the Crown Reserve.
  • Any clearing of the Crown Reserve fronting your lot requires a Work Permit through the local Economic Development, Investment, Trade and Natural Resources District Office.
  • Docks, boathouses, etc. may be allowed depending on the subdivision and the local municipal policies. Please contact the municipality and/or the Crown Land Management Specialist for specifics regarding your area. Where permitted, development of structures on a Crown Reserve requires a Crown Land General Permit, which you may apply for by contacting the respective Crown Land Management Specialist.
  • There are typically Crown or Public Reserves to provide access to the water’s edge by back lot owners and the public. Public boat launches have been established within some subdivisions.

Most information relevant to the development of a purchased lot can be found in the First-Come, First-Served Information Package.

For questions regarding a particular region or subdivision you may contact the local Crown Land Management Specialist:

Western Region
Chris Reynolds
Neepawa, MB

Central Region
Krisjan Hepples
Gimli, MB

Eastern Region
Shaun Klassen
Winnipeg, MB

Northwest Region
Trine Nes
Neepawa (Manitoba)
204 351-1285

Northeast Region
David Hastman
Thompson, MB

Program questions can be directed to: