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Manitoba is building for the future with innovative thinking, renewed commitment, strong partnerships and a clear vision that recognizes housing as a provincial priority. By working together with community partners, we are building communities and revitalizing neighbourhoods while engaging residents in the process. By embracing a service-oriented approach, Manitoba Housing is working toward more positive relationships with our tenants, community residents and stakeholders.

Our role is to promote community development and create opportunities for people to engage in activities that promote well-being and social inclusion where they live. Housing is integral to this process and we strive to safeguard an adequate supply of safe and affordable housing in communities across Manitoba, particularly for those of low and moderate income or those with specialized needs. It is also our role to sustain and improve the condition of existing social housing and stimulate and influence the activities of the housing market to the benefit of Manitobans as a whole.

Within Manitoba Housing’s long term strategy, a goal was established to "Enhance client opportunities and services" that prioritizes provision of housing options for vulnerable populations including the homeless and utilization of the "housing first" approach where possible. Manitoba Housing has actively collaborated with community partners who have developed responses to homelessness. A partnership with Resource Assistance for Youth was expanded to increase the number of Manitoba Housing units available for homeless youth from 4 to 13. Through capital funding provided by Housing Delivery, community agencies in Brandon and Portage la Prairie completed the development of additional emergency and transitional housing units within larger affordable housing projects to provide short term housing options for individuals facing homelessness. In Thompson, Manitoba Housing has worked with community stakeholders to coordinate supports and initiate activities within Project Northern Doorway to house and support chronically homeless individuals. A focus on capacity development has increased multiple agencies’ ability to collect data for effective planning and provide accountability reporting.

As part of the department of Families Manitoba Housing continues to work in partnership with the departments of Health; Healthy Living and Seniors and Jobs and the Economy as well as numerous partners from other levels of government and the community to provide access to a range of affordable housing options with appropriate supports for individuals with multiple housing barriers.




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