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Manitoba Housing is a Crown Corporation created by statute (The Housing and Renewal Corporation Act) in 1967. The legal name of the corporation is The Manitoba Housing and Renewal Corporation (MHRC). Manitoba Housing is mandated under The Housing and Renewal Corporation Act and is governed by a Board of Directors appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council with policy direction provided by government. The Deputy Minister of Housing and Community Development serves as Chair of the Board of Directors. The Board meets at least quarterly to fulfill the legal and financial obligations of the Corporation and to consider and approve specific policy-related items.

The Housing and Renewal Corporation Act provides Manitoba Housing with a mandate to:

  1. enhance the affordability of, and accessibility to, adequate housing for Manitobans, particularly
    those of low to moderate incomes or those with specialized needs;
  2. maintain and improve the condition of existing housing stock;
  3. ensure there is an adequate supply of housing stock in Manitoba; and
  4. stimulate the activities of the housing market to the benefit of Manitobans as a whole.

In fulfilling its mandate, Manitoba Housing has the capacity to engage in many activities including: constructing and developing new and affordable housing; rehabilitating existing housing in areas of need; acquiring and disposing of land and/or buildings; making grants and loans; managing finances, including the investment and borrowing of funds and the provision of loan guarantees; creating and overseeing the operations of local housing authorities; and entering into inter-governmental agreements for renewal schemes and renewal projects for which provision is made under The National Housing Act.

Manitoba Housing's corporate structure is divided into branches based on functional areas:

  • Social Housing Management;
    • provides affordable, quality housing for low-income Manitobans and support community groups that
      provide the same service.

  • Asset Management;
    • delivers best value and consistent quality projects in the building of new housing, and in the
      upgrades and revitalization of the existing social housing stock.

  • Northern Housing Operations;
    • provides strategic direction and management oversight for the entire northern direct-managed
      portfolio in northern Manitoba.

  • Land Development;
    • provides a land management framework to guide the actions of the Corporation’s land holdings and
      major land development projects in the Province.

  • Housing Delivery.
    • delivers projects, programs, and initiatives for the Department related to increasing the supply of
      (affordable) housing and to sustaining Manitoba’s existing housing stock.
    • delivers and manages the Rental Housing Construction Tax Credit

Manitoba Housing owns the Province's housing portfolio and provides subsidies to approximately 35,000 housing units under various housing programs. Within the portfolio, Manitoba Housing owns approximately 18,000 units of which approximately 14,300 units are directly managed by Manitoba Housing. Approximately another 3,700 units are managed by non-profit/cooperative sponsor groups or property management agencies.

Manitoba Housing also provides subsidy and support to approximately 17,000 housing units operated by co-operatives, Urban Native and private non-profit groups, including over 4,300 personal care home beds.

The Corporation manages and develops land held in the provincial Land Bank. Through the Housing Development and Rehabilitation Fund, Manitoba Housing contributes to the development of suburban neighbourhoods and reinvests the profits from land development activities in areas of identified need in a manner that supports province-wide housing initiatives. Manitoba Housing currently holds approximately 1,160 acres in its Land Inventory of which 1,025 acres are located in the Winnipeg Census Metropolitan Area and 135 acres are in rural Manitoba.




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