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The transition binder prepared by the Department and provided to a new Minister upon appointment that describes the department structure, responsibilities, priorities and critical issues, as well as any advisory notes, briefing notes or other materials provided to the minister after the September 2019 election.

Transition binders may contain confidential information that could impact third parties, or reveal advice and options being developed in anticipation of pending government decisions and policies if disclosed. To protect this confidentiality and enable this deliberative process, there may be some information in a transition binder that has been redacted.

Departmental Annual Reports

Annual reports for every Manitoba government department:

Departmental Reports and Statistics

Department reports for every Manitoba government department:

Cross-Departmental Reports

Enforcement of public health orders

Manitobans and businesses have responded positively to the public health orders and the majority of interactions have been educational in nature.
Many agencies have been doing considerable proactive work throughout the province but in some cases, enforcement was necessary.

Lead in soil report

Manitoba Government commissioned an independent report to identify sources of lead contamination, conduct a cross-jurisdictional review of lead mitigation efforts and propose risk management and communication recommendations.

The report was presented to government in December 2019, and the province, involving Manitoba Health Seniors and Active Living, Manitoba Conservation and Climate and Manitoba Education reviewed its findings and recommendations.

Manitoba Advocate for Children and Youth - Recommendations Action Planning (MACY-RAP) Committee

The Manitoba government is responsible for responding to the recommendations set out in special reports released by the Manitoba Advocate for Children and Youth. Recognizing these issues cross government departments and should reflect the province's public sector transformation objectives, the deputy ministers of Education and Training, Health, Seniors and Active Living, Families and Justice formed a committee to collectively guide this important work. They recognize the safety, well-being and care of Manitoba’s children and youth is a shared responsibility and that government's work is most effective when our actions are comprehensive and coordinated.

The committee's first update to MACY was submitted in April 2019. Updates will be prepared in June and December of every year to reflect government-wide action on the recommendations made in MACY's special reports, and will be posted below.

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Reports on Harassment and Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (pdf)