InfoMB - As part of its commitment to greater transparency and accountability, the Manitoba government is releasing certain types of information on the government website on a regular and proactive basis.



Corporate Management and Reporting

Links to recent FIPPA inquiries and reports commissioned by the Manitoba Government.

Ministerial Reporting and Expenses

Links to Ministerial Mandate and Framework Letters, as well as links to current year and archives of Minister's Expense Reports.

Contract Disclosure

Link to the disclosure of contracts site for information on contracts valued at $10,000 or more each month.

Departmental Information, Statistics and Reports

Information on departmental statistics and reports, including annual reports.

Orders in Council

Link to the records of a decision made by Cabinet and approved by the Lieutenant Governor.

Public Sector Compensation Disclosure

Links to the annual compensation and technical officer disclosures.

Access to Information (FIPPA)

Link to a weekly listing of the most recent access to information requests received by Manitoba Government departments.

Forms and Policies

This website is a single-point of entry to all of the Manitoba Government's forms and policies, making it easier for you to find the forms and information you need to access government programs and services.

Regulation Consultations

Engage with the Manitoba Government on regulations that are being developed by providing your feedback on the Manitoba Regulatory Consultation Portal.

Land Sales and Acquisitions

Links to the disclosure of the sale and purchase of land by the Manitoba Government.

Environmental Public Registry

This link contains environmental assessment and licensing information for projects currently open for public comment, projects in process and completed projects.

Manitoba Measuring Progress - Transparent Reporting on Government's Progress

Track our progress and performance in key priority areas that support achieving better outcomes and improving quality of life for Manitobans.