The previously announced retail sales tax rate reduction, introduction of a green levy and the tobacco tax rate increase that were effective July 1, 2020 have all been deferred until further notice.

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Taxation Division 

Fuel Tax

The Fuel Tax Act taxes consumer purchases of fuel at the following rates:

Product Description Tax Rate Per Litre Effective Date
Clear- Diesel and Gasoline 14.0¢ May 1, 2012
Railway Diesel 6.3¢ January 1, 1995
Propane and Butane 3.0¢ July 1, 2002
Marked Gasoline 3.0¢ May 1, 2012
Commercial Heating Fuel 1.9¢ April 1, 1987
Bunker Fuel and Crude Oil 1.7¢ April 1, 1987
Aviation Fuel 3.2¢ October 1, 1997
Aviation Fuel- Commercial Cargo Flights 1.5¢ July 1, 2009
Product Description Tax Rate Per Cubic Metre Effective Date
Natural Gas to be used in operating a motor vehicle 10.0¢ March 31, 2015

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