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Mining Tax

The Mining Tax applies to all operators engaged in mining and/or processing minerals in Manitoba, but excluding oil and gas, and, rock, gravel, peat, clay and gypsum. The tax is applied at graduated rates on mining "profit", as opposed to a royalty basis that would apply a rate to the quantity of minerals extracted from the ground. In addition, there is a 0.5% special tax on mining "profit" and in most cases, based on certain income tax calculations, it is fully refundable.

The tax applies at the following rates, where mining profit is:

    • < $50 million; tax = mining profit x 10%.
    • $50 to $55 million; tax = (mining profit - $50,000,000) x 65% + $5,000,000.
    • Between $55 and $100 million; tax = mining profit x 15%.
    • $100 to $105 million; tax = (mining profit - $100,000,000) x 57% + $15,000,000.
    • > $105 million; tax = mining profit x 17%.

A ‘new mine tax holiday’ is in effect which provides that no Mining Tax is payable on new mines until the mining operator has recovered its initial investment.
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