Parc provincial sauvage du lac Numaykoos

Parcs provinciaux du Nord-Est

Numaykoos Lake Provincial Park was established in 1995, and is located in the northeast portion of Manitoba. The name Numaykoos means little trout in Cree and is shared by a lake in the northeast corner of the park. The park is 3600 km2 and is characterized by a relatively flat landscape and contains the headwaters of several rivers that are part of the Churchill River system. The park protects a portion of the Selwyn Lake Upland Ecoregion. It contains large areas of peat covered landscape which are part of the largest tract of continuous organic surface in North America. Frost polygons are a distinct natural feature and are visible from the air, these multi-sided geometric patterns are formed by the repeated freezing and thawing of the soil. Numaykoos Lake Provincial Park protects the winter-range of the migratory barren-ground caribou from development that could adversely affect the herd. Caribou frequent the park to forage for lichen during the winter season.

Where to Stay

As there are no designated campgrounds, visitors are expected to camp at an existing site, which is usually marked by a primitive fire ring.

Park Directions

There is no direct road access into the park. To fly into Numaykoos Lake, arrangements can be made with lodges, outfitters, or air charter companies.


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