Look North


The forestry industry still has room for growth, both in terms of optimizing sustainable annual cut allowances, but also in industry innovation, diversification and value add. In 2015, Manitoba's annual allowable harvest utilization was at 18 percent. This represents a volume harvested of 1,498,000 cubic metres, on 10,686 hectares of landi.

While there are significant barriers and complexity to optimizing annual cut allowances, including the necessary capital required, there is evident opportunity to explore the wider forest and timber eco-system to identify new opportunities.

With good markets for forest products, (including a growing bioeconomy), an underutilized wood supply in the region, a willing and able workforce, and existing infrastructure, Manitoba's northern towns and communities are well-positioned for growth in the forest sector. 

Manitoba's northern forests provide an enormous opportunity for regional and industry stakeholders who want to explore the economic, social and environmental benefits of Manitoba's vast northern forest resource. 

More information is available through Manitoba's Forestry Branch and the State of Canada's Forests Annual Report 2017 (PDF).

i Source: The State of Canada's Forests, 2017