Look North

About Look North

Look North is a movement by northerners, for northerners to grow the economy in northern Manitoba. It is a long-term vision and plan to unleash the economic potential of the north for generations to come.

Look North is deeply rooted in the principle that the people of the north best understand their needs. Only through extensive engagement with both Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, businesses, industry and labour leaders can we create a vision of growth and prosperity for northern Manitoba that is inclusive of all perspectives.

The Look North Story

In November 2016, the Manitoba Government announced the co-chairs of a new task force to lead the development and implementation of a northern economic development strategy. The named co-chairs of the strategy were: Onekanew (Chief) Christian Sinclair of the Opaskwayak Cree Nation and Chuck Davidson, president and CEO of the Manitoba Chambers of Commce.

From December 2016 to June 2017, the Look North Task force held several meetings, events and conversations with northerners leading to the creation of the Look North Report and Action Plan (PDF) and formation of the Look North Steering Committee.


Six Things That Matter Most to Northerners

The report outlines six priority areas with the greatest potential to grow the northern economy, including:

  • Northern mineral and other resource potential
  • Indigenous engagement and partnerships
  • Strategic infrastructure investment
  • Housing challenges and opportunities
  • Enterprise eco-system of support
  • Education, training and workforce development

The Look North Steering Committee recognizes that meaningful change requires a long-term commitment and ongoing engagement. In March 2018, six roundtable meetings took place in Thompson and Flin Flon to discuss specific solutions and recommendations for each of the Look North priority areas.

Through engagement and a combination of short term actions and long term initiatives, Look North will foster an economic movement that will build pride, tell the northern story, inspire confidence and position the north as a region ready for investment.


What we Heard

Ongoing engagement is key to building relationships and forming partnerships that are important to advancing  the economy of northern Manitoba. Since the inception of Look North, there have been several meetings, events and conversations with northerners.

December to June 2017: Industry/Community Engagement

  • December 2016: meetings with industry representatives
  • January to March 2017: conversations with individuals and organizations
  • February to June 2017: community roundtables (CEDF Roundtable Meetings)
  • May to June 2017: presentations and discussions at several events

April 2017: Look North Summits

Three economic summits took place in April 2017 in the towns of The Pas, Thompson, and Churchill. To learn more about what happened in each summit, view the reports below.

March 2018: Look North Roundtables

Six roundtable meetings took place in Thompson and Flin Flon to discuss specific solutions and recommendations for each of the Look North priority areas. Northern stakeholders were excited to come together, face-to-face, to discuss solutions, successes and opportunities around local economic development in northern Manitoba.

November 2018: Linkages in Northern Economic Development

Linkages in Northern Economic Development Conference is a collaboration between the University College of the North, Manitoba Chambers of Commerce, and Look North. On November 7 and 8, 2018 members of Indigenous and non-Indigenous community, education, industry and government will engage in interactive discussions of northern economic development strategies, innovation, how to thrive in a time of change, and connecting the north to the world.

Linkages Conference for November 7 & 8.