Manitoba Geological Survey Staff Directory


Michelle Nicolas, A/Director, Geological Services


Precambrian and Sedimentary Geoscience

Christian Bohm, Chief Geologist - Superior and Hearne cratons / geoscience collaborations / land-use planning
Chris Couëslan
, Project Geologist
- Superior craton and Thompson nickel belt; high-grade gneiss terranes
Shaun Gallagher, Assessment and Consultation Geologist
Michelle Gauthier, Project Geologist - Quaternary geology, surficial mapping
Tyler Hodder, Project Geologist - Quaternary geology, surficial mapping, sand and gravel aggregate resources
Kathryn Lapenskie, Industrial and specialty minerals, crushed stone aggregate resources, sedimentary geology
Tania Martins, Project Geologist - Trans-Hudson orogen and Superior craton; intrusion-related rare-metal deposits; lithium-bearing pegmatites
Kyle Reid, Project Geologist - Trans-Hudson orogen; volcanogenic massive sulphide and uranium deposits
Marc Rinne, Project Geologist - Superior craton and Fox River belt; magmatic nickel, volcanogenic massive sulphide and intrusion-related deposits
Eric Yang, Project Geologist - Superior craton and Trans-Hudson orogen; intrusion-related and magmatic nickel deposits

Michelle Nicolas, Chief Geologist - Williston and Hudson Bay basins; petroleum geology and Phanerozoic stratigraphy


Petroleum and Regulatory Support Services

Pamela Fulton-Regula, A/Chief Geologist, Regulatory Geoscience Support Services
Colin Epp, Senior Lab Technologist
Paul Belanger, Laboratory Technician
Eric Anderson, Lab and Field Support Technologist


Geoscience Data Management Group

Greg Keller, A/Manager
Hakeem Adediran, GIS Geologist
Tomaz Booth, Resource Information Coordinator
Len Chackowsky, GIS Geologist
Tim Davis, GIS Technician
Ashley Santucci, GIS Technician
Christine Steele, GIS Technician

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