The Towards Flourishing Mental Health Promotion Strategy


TF Circle

The Towards Flourishing Mental Health Promotion Strategy is an evidence-based strategy designed to provide multiple levels of support to families and public health staff in Manitoba including:

  • Mental health education for new parents offered through a new Curriculum introducing topics on mental health and wellness including a menu of simple Everyday Strategies for parents and their families to promote positive mental health and well-being
  • Training for public health staff to enhance knowledge of mental health promotion and guide the introduction of new mental health tools for families
  • Additional screening for new parents involving a new collection of measures of mental health and well-being
  • A plan to improve access of families to mental health services, resources and supports and to strengthen collaboration between Public Health and Mental Health systems by streamlining communication, consultation and referral processes
  • The new role of a Mental Health Promotion Facilitator to enhance public health and community capacity to meet the mental health needs of families by strengthening connections within and between programs, facilitating access to mental health resources and services, and by serving as a resource for mental health promotion
  • A Cultural Lens on the Strategy developed collaboratively with community leaders, experts and stakeholders to ensure that it has cultural relevance and reflects the distinct world views of all families in Manitoba with a specific mandate to incorporate the perspective of Manitoba‚Äôs Aboriginal, Francophone and immigrant and newcomer populations