The Public Health Information Management System (PHIMS)

Manitoba's Electronic Public Health Record

The Public Health Information Management System (PHIMS) is a secure, integrated electronic public health record that contains important public health information maintained by Manitoba Health.  Your personal health information is being collected to record immunizations, manage communicable disease investigation and outbreaks, and to provide health care. Authorized health care professionals use PHIMS to update, analyze and share critical information to manage health problems such as measles and other communicable diseases in Manitoba.

What information is in PHIMS?

PHIMS contains personal health information of present and past Manitoba residents related to:

  • immunizations
  • communicable diseases  
  • prenatal Rh factor

PHIMS is also used to support the management of public health inventory including vaccines, medications and other public health products.

Who can access my information in PHIMS?

Authorized health care professionals in Manitoba can access your health information in PHIMS when they need to do so to provide you with health care. These authorized health care professionals sign a pledge of confidentiality to protect your personal health information and commit to only viewing the minimum amount of information needed to provide health care to you.

How is my information protected in PHIMS?

Your information is protected in PHIMS by:

  • limiting the number of users who can access PHIMS
  • using password protection and data encryption
  • tracking user access

Also, at any time you can request:

  • a copy of your personal health information that is stored in PHIMS
  • to see who has viewed your information in PHIMS
  • to add heightened security to your information in PHIMS by submitting a Disclosure Directive

What is a Disclosure Directive?

A Disclosure Directive instructs MHSC to "mask" your information in PHIMS. This means authorized health care providers are limited to seeing only your personal health identification number or PHIN, which is on your Manitoba health card.

In some specific situations, such as a public health emergency or to prevent the spread of disease, certain authorized health care providers will be able to temporarily override masking in order to access information required to provide safe, quality care.

How do I access my information?

Please visit Accessing Your Information.

How do I submit or withdraw a Disclosure Directive?

If you would like to request to have a disclosure directive placed on or withdrawn from your PHIMS record complete and submit the following form.

For more information about disclosure directives please contact: Manitoba Health at 204-788-6666.

Additional Information:

PHIMS System Service

Health care providers seeking additional information about the PHIMS application may contact the:

Shared Health Service Desk
Phone: 204-940-8500 Toll Free: 1-866-999-9698