Restoring Safe Services

Restoring Safe Services - Future Steps

Following Phase Three, a rapid response system will be developed to guide future decisions and additional reopening steps may be considered. The system will help people understand the level of risk and the public health guidance that must be followed.

Each level will include a risk assessment and a range of measures that may be in place at that level. As work continues to monitor the spread of the virus, the province may move up or down the rapid response level scale as indicators change.

Changes will be implemented if supported by evidence on a case-by-case basis. Time will be taken to monitor cases and ensure easing of further restrictions are able to respond to the evidence of viral transmission. As the situation evolves, Manitoba public health officials will make decisions based on evidence at the time.

Based on data, the following changes may be made going forward:

Personal Services

Further opening of these businesses, including manicurists and pedicurists, tattoo parlours, estheticians, cosmetologists, electrologists and tanning parlours, will be considered in the coming weeks.

Gyms and Other Recreation Facilities

Further opening of public/private indoor and outdoor swimming pools (private residential pools are not restricted), spas, fitness clubs and gyms will be considered in the coming weeks.

Performance and Movie Theatres

Stage performance and movie theatres may provide plans that address physical distancing and control of areas where patrons may congregate between shows, performances or acts of a play, along with similar scenarios.

Visits In Personal Care and Long-Term Care Settings

The health system will continue to review visitation policies and processes to ensure the safety of residents in these facilities. Changes may be made to further ease visitation restrictions in the coming weeks.

Easing Travel Restrictions

Public health officials may consider extending self-isolation exemptions to people returning to Canada - if they have self-isolated outside of Manitoba, in accordance with the federal Quarantine Act upon their return to the country. In addition, exemptions to self-isolation requirements from other low-risk jurisdictions will be considered going forward.


The opening of casinos will be considered in the coming weeks.

Large Gatherings/Events and Performing Arts Venues

There will be no large gatherings or events until at least September 2020.

Overnight Camps

No overnight camps will be permitted in the foreseeable future, as it may be difficult to maintain public health requirements for ongoing physical distancing.