Agricultural Crown Land

The Manitoba government encourages sustainable use of Crown land for multiple uses. Crown lands suitable for agricultural use may be leased for grazing, haying or annual cropping, depending on the capability of the land.

Through a careful planning process, land use and watershed specialists determine how parcels of Crown land may be used, the intensity of use and how different parcels may be developed. Working together, they ensure that goals for water quality and quantity can be achieved within watershed boundaries.


NEW! Manitoba Agriculture has released a summary report on the recent Agricultural Crown Lands (ACL)Program Modernization consultation. Visit the Surveys and Consultations page to review the report. 



The Agricultural Crown Lands Leasing Program administers leases and permits and promotes improvement of agricultural Crown lands.

The Agricultural Crown Lands Appeal Tribunal considers appeals from anyone unhappy with a decision regarding the management and administration of agricultural Crown lands.

Manitoba Agriculture Farm Production Advisors provide advice on farm production using agricultural Crown lands. Crown land district offices are noted with an asterisk on the Manitoba Agriculture Office page.