Treasury Board Secretariat 

Treasury Board Secretariat provides financial and analytical support and strategic management advice to the Minister of Finance and Treasury Board.  Treasury Board is a sub-committee of Cabinet responsible for the overall fiscal management and reporting of the Manitoba government and the establishment of policies required for the effective management of public funds to meet government objectives.

The Secretariat is headed by a Deputy Minister who acts as Secretary to Treasury Board. The organization has been an independent secretariat since 1987/88.

The major functions fulfilled by the Treasury Board Secretariat include:

  • provides analytical support to the Treasury Board in fulfilling its responsibilities for fiscal management, program and organizational review, including the integration of policy decisions with the longer term fiscal plans of government
  • analyzes and monitors program performance measures and the fiscal position of the Government of Manitoba and plans and co-ordinates the budgetary process
  • undertakes strategic initiatives and targeted program reviews and co-ordinates the use of balanced scorecards across government
  • establishes and oversees corporate comptrollership and financial management policies for government
  • provides internal audit and advisory services to government departments and agencies relating to internal controls
  • prepares the Summary Public Accounts for summary government in accordance with Public Sector Accounting Standards
  • evaluates and oversees accounting and financial management policies and systems across government to effectively deliver summary financial statements that reflect the actual financial position of the Government of Manitoba

Treasury Board Secretariat consists of the following areas:

  • Office of the Secretary to Treasury Board
  • Office of the Provincial Comptroller
  • Fiscal Management and Capital Planning Division
  • Analytical Division 
  • Strategic Initiatives Division (including planning and program review)
  • Scorecards Division

The Secretariat also includes administrative support services for Secretariat staff and Treasury Board including agenda and minute preparation and distribution of agenda material.

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Treasury Board Secretariat
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