Social Impact Bonds

What is Manitoba's Landmark SIB?

The Department of Families has partnered up with the Southern First Nations Network of Care (SFNNC) who will deliver Manitoba’s first Social Impact Bond (SIB) in child welfare. This two year pilot connects expectant mothers, who are at risk of coming into contact with the child welfare system, to an Indigenous doula that works with her for a twelve month period.

The doula will help the expectant mother to reconnect with traditional cultural practices, assist with pain management, and strengthen her support system before, during, and after the birth. The doula program aims to prevent apprehension in the first place or, when an infant needs to come into care for reasons of safety, to reduce the time spent in care by supporting an early reunification.

SFNNC agencies will refer expectant mothers to the doula and they will work with an organizationcalled Wiijii’idiwag Ikwewag who will recruit and train the doulas and provide the necessary supports to the mother. The program will be independently validated in year three and evaluation outcomes will be used to determine the extent to which government will repay investors. The province has budgeted up to $3 million for investor repayment if the SIB reaches success on its key metrics.

The program will target a pool of approximately 200 mothers.

Manitoba has signed the Outcomes Agreement with the SFNNC, outlining minimum expected results that are required to trigger investor repayment. This agreement will be used as the basis of discussions with investors whose investments will be required to operationalize the program in spring/summer 2019. With the assistance of MaRS Centre for Impact Investing, Manitoba’s SIB consultants, the SFNNC will now formally engage investors that are interested in the child welfare SIB.