Mental Health and Community Wellness

Healthy Sexuality


The Department of Mental Health and Community Wellness supports efforts to help people maintain good sexual health. Funding is provided to the following community-based organizations to provide information and resources, promote safer sex & prevent sexually transmitted and blood borne infections:

The Rainbow Resource Centre:
  • Supports 2SLGBTQ+ individuals of all ages
  • Provides counselling and mental health support
  • Offers youth programs and youth counsellor support
  • Provides educational programs
Sexuality Education Resource Centre (SERC):
  • Provides a variety of programs such as Our Selves, Our Daughters
  • Provides safe distribution of condoms and safer sex supplies
  • Provides the 2STLGB+ program in Brandon
The Manitoba Harm Reduction Network:
  • Works to prevent spread of sexually transmitted and blood borne infections (STBBI)
  • Provides nonjudgmental education and raises awareness for testing and treatment
  • Serves northern, rural, and remote locations in Manitoba


For more information on resources available: