Look North

The Manitoba Advantage

From our many competitive advantages to our forward-thinking future plans, the province of Manitoba has a lot to offer. And we are Open for Business!

  • Solid, diversified economy with tremendous competitive advantages.
  • Commitment to collaborative community partnerships.
  • Stable, skilled workforce with progressive academic & immigration policy support.
  • Mid-continent transportation gateway - inland port and major rail, air and road links.
  • Advanced technological infrastructure with all major east-west fibre routes flowing through Winnipeg.
  • Some of the most affordable commercial lease costs in Canada.
  • Hydroelectric rates among the lowest in North America.
  • Abundant high-quality ground- and surface water resources.
  • Provincial membership in the New West Partnership Trade Agreement.
  • Provincial commitment to red tape reduction and regulatory accountability.
  • Diverse set of internationally recognized research and development facilities.
  • Affordable, vibrant lifestyle with world-class recreation opportunities.
  • A rich heritage with culturally diverse communities and attractions.
  • Plentiful natural resources and diverse agricultural commodities.
  • Distinct regions. Four seasons. And lots of room for growth and expansion...