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Investment Opportunities

Mining and Exploration

Mining and Exploration

The Fraser Institute ranks Manitoba in 2016 as the second-most attractive jurisdiction in the world for mining investment - rising in rank from 19th on the same list in 2015.

Manitoba's mining and petroleum industries make up the second-largest primary resource industry of the province's economy. Exploration and development activity are showing signs of renewed life as modest improvements in base metal and gold prices are bringing exploration financing back into the province. In 2015, the industries accounted for approximately 3.5 per cent of the province's economy and 6.3 per cent of total exports, with a preliminary estimate of the 2015 value of mining production totalling $1.35 billion.

Manufacturing and Processing

Manufacturing represents approximately 10 per cent of Manitoba's economic output, and is the largest contributor to GDP among industries. Manitoba manufacturers employ about 10 per cent of Manitoba's total employed workforce, and ship about $17 billion worth of goods annually, with about $9 billion worth of goods exported to foreign markets. Key subsectors include:


Northern Manitoba is characterized as a large geographical area that is home to urban, rural and remote communities that are serviced by a number of modes of transportation. The provincial government maintains a network of highways north of the 53rd Parallel, allowing personal vehicles, commercial carriers and public service vehicles to access northern rural and remote communities and industries in northern Manitoba.


Tourism is a leading industry in Manitoba. It's also a growing industry with the potential to grow much larger. Such growth will lead to a broad range of economic, social and environmental benefits. Travel Manitoba is pulling out all the stops to help bring more tourists to our province over the next few years. More tourists will mean more opportunities for Manitobans to attract them and earn the leisure dollars they spend. Tourists will benefit and so will Manitobans. Investing in tourism will make our province an even better place to live and work than it already is.

Forestry in Manitoba

One thing is for sure. Manitoba has a lot of trees. Forests cover about half of Manitoba's 63.6 million hectare land surface, and the forest industry is part of Manitoba's fifth largest manufacturing sector. In 2010, the value of forestry exports was $285.3 million.