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Export from a central location with compelling cost advantages

Exporters working in Manitoba or partnering with Manitoba companies enjoy safe, reliable transportation networks from a central location with access to all Canadian Free Trade Agreements (15 with 51 different countries). Manitoba is centrally located in North America with open borders in a conflict-free environment, providing exporters with a direct connection to U.S. markets. Manitoba is also home to the continent's largest in-land trimodal port and have access to three class 1 railways, a 24-hour cargo airport and hundreds of trucking companies.

Multiple industries thrive in our province. Our strongest industries include agribusiness, advanced manufacturing, aerospace, mining, transportation and distribution, life sciences and biotechnology, creative industries and many others. They benefit from competitive cost advantages including 99 per cent renewable power available at some of the lowest rates in North America.

Numerous advanced manufacturers call our province home because of its stable economy and highly-skilled workforce. Manitoba has four universities, three public colleges and a variety of vocational learning centres.

Export from a central location with compelling cost advantages

(May, 2023)

$1.00 USD = $1.35 CAD
1.00 EUR = $1.47 CAD
$1.00 MXN = $0.08 CAD
1.00 CNY = $0.19 CAD


Real GDP
(chained 2012 dollars 2021)



Nominal GDP
(current dollars 2021)






Annual two-way trade between Manitoba and the U.S.


Trade Agreements and Negotiations


Export Support Programs

Manitoba's Export Support Programming focuses on supporting Manitoba's small and medium-sized businesses to export and diversify markets for their products. Intake is now open for the two funding streams noted below.

  • Export Development Program
    Provides reimbursement to eligible Manitoba companies participating in a tradeshow or mission outside the province. This will assist companies to enter new markets, and provide opportunities for education, market assessments, developing relationships, contacts and sales. Details
  • Incoming Buyer Program
    Provides reimbursement to local companies that invite qualified international buyers to the province with the goal of procuring Manitoba products. This will help make Manitoba a more attractive destination for international buyers looking to procure products from Manitoba companies and provide opportunities for companies to follow up on trade leads and develop new sales and distribution relationships. Details