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Manitoba companies produce high-value goods for customers all over the world. Here, manufacturers employ roughly 10 per cent of Manitoba's workforce and ship approximately $24 billion (2022) worth of goods annually. In fact, Manitoba is one of North America's largest centres for transportation manufacturing (aerospace and heavy-duty ground vehicles). Our other key manufacturing subsectors include processed foods, primary metals, electrical products, machinery and chemicals.

Our position at the heart of North America provides a key advantage, giving Manitoba-based manufacturers access to a central North American market of roughly 100 million people and more efficient access to other markets abroad. Additionally, all Manitoba companies enjoy some of the lowest renewable electricity costs in North America.

Numerous advanced manufacturers call our province home because of its stable economy and highly-skilled workforce. Manitoba has four universities, three public colleges and a variety of vocational learning centres.


$6 billion

total GDP



total business establishments



total employment


$100 million+

invested in research and development
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