Provincial Program Evaluations

Provincial program evaluations provide information for cross-sectoral policy and program decision-making.

Manitoba supports the following provincial program evaluations:

Families First Home Visiting Program
The Families First home visiting program provides services to families who want parenting supports. The aim of this evaluation was to determine if the well-being of at-risk families was improved by participating in Manitoba’s Families First home visiting program.

Healthy Baby
In 2001 the Healthy Baby Program was introduced in Manitoba. The goal of this program was to increase the health of Manitoba's most vulnerable babies with an income supplement and/or community support programs targeted towards low income mothers and families.

Manitoba Centre for Health Policy Evaluation, 2010
This report evaluates the impact the program had on prenatal and perinatal health, as well as health outcomes of children in the program up to their first birthday.

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Healthy Schools

  • Healthy Schools is Manitoba’s school health initiative designed to promote the physical, emotional and social health of school communities.


Parent Child Coalition Process Evaluation

Roots of Empathy
From 2002 to 2006 Manitoba conducted a randomized controlled trial and longitudinal follow-up to determine the real world effectiveness of the ROE program, as delivered under routine conditions of practice in school divisions. This article was published in Healthcare Quarterly.