Knowledge Exchange and Community Action Planning

Knowledge exchange and community action planning includes consultation, education, training, supervision and technical expertise to assist civic, academic, government and communities Specific activities include:

  • planning, implementing and evaluating programs and services for children and families;
  • measuring and monitoring outcomes at the community level;
  • developing local best practice models for the enhancement of family and community resilience;
  • sharing knowledge on children’s development with communities.


The National Child Day Forum
The National Child Day Forum, hosted by Manitoba with community partners, has become an annual tradition providing an opportunity for community partners from across the province to gather together to learn about best practices and the latest research on early child development.

Parent Child Coalitions
Manitoba builds and supports community capacity through its community-based parent child coalitions.  Manitoba’s 26 Parent Child Coalitions represent the geographical and cultural communities across the province.  Coalitions bring together community partners such as parents, schools and school divisions, early childhood educators, health and social service professionals and other community organizations.  As part of Manitoba’s commitment to evidence-based decision making and knowledge exchange, community-level research on early child hood development – gathered through the Early Development Instrument (EDI) – is shared and reviewed with coalitions, providing them with biennial data on the unique strengths and needs of their community.  In turn, Coalitions support existing activities and initiate new activities that reflect each community’s diversity and unique needs.