COVID-19 Vaccine

Physician and Pharmacist Vaccination Partners

As additional vaccines become available, some will not need to be carefully transported or require specialized freezers. This means physicians and community pharmacies can join Manitoba’s COVID-19 vaccine roll-out.

The Manitoba government has been working with its network of physician and pharmacist flu vaccination partners to prepare for the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines that do not need to be frozen. This includes the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba, College of Family Physicians, College of Pharmacists, Doctors Manitoba and Pharmacists Manitoba.

The Vaccine Implementation Task Force continues to seek applications from community pharmacists and physicians who are willing to provide COVID-19 vaccines.

Registrations will be reviewed by public health experts, and qualifying physicians/pharmacists will be contacted with a package of information, including any needed training information.

This will ensure a list of front-line providers who are able and willing to provide COVID-19 vaccines can be prepared.

Vaccines will be allocated by considering a variety of criteria including clinic vaccination history, capacity, geography, and others with preference given to those with recent flu vaccination experience in Manitoba.