Investing in Protein Innovation

Manitoba offers expertise in protein innovation through the following research agencies:             

These agencies offer a range of services to increase the innovation potential of Manitoba businesses. Services are available in areas such as protein extraction, co-product use, creating ingredients and products in a sustainable manner, and much more.


Manitoba is home to outstanding academic institutions:

These institutions offer a range of expertise, infrastructure and training that can support growth in the protein sector. 

Research in Sustainability

Manitoba strives to grow its agriculture industry in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.

Manitoba supports a number of programs and activities that encourage the development and implementation of sustainable production and processing of crop and livestock products.

Programs offered are designed to reduce the greenhouse gas emission intensities of the plant and animal food products produced, and conserve agricultural ecosystems through profitable and environmentally sustainable management practices.

These programs also support best management practices to increase crop and livestock production efficiencies, while sequestering more carbon into our crop and forage lands. 

Programs Supporting Sustainability: