Manure Applicator License

Who Requires a Licence:
A commercial manure applicator is a person that transports or applies manure to land for a fee, charge or other valuable consideration.

An off-farm manure applicator is a person or group of persons that owns a livestock operation that exceeds 300 animal units and that transports or applies any manure produced to land not owned or leased by the person or group of persons.

As of January 1, 2008, commercial and off-farm manure applicators are required to have a Manure Applicator Licence.

Manure Applicator Application Form (PDF 35 KB)

Licensed manure applicators must be present on the job site and must have their licence with them when manure is being transported or applied.

The following licence categories are available for manure applicators:

  • Commercial Manure Applicator – Liquid – commercial application of liquid manure.
  • Commercial Manure Applicator – Solid – commercial application of solid manure.
  • Off-farm Manure Applicator – Liquid – off-farm application of liquid manure.
  • Off-farm Manure Applicator – Solid – off-farm application of solid manure.

Record Keeping & Other Requirements:
Manure applicators are responsible for keeping records of manure applications. Application records are to be completed within 24 hours of an application and are to be maintained for a minimum of 3 years. Application records must contain the following information:

  • Customer’s name (commercial) or name of land owner (off-farm)
  • Mailing address of customer or land owner
  • Date and time of application
  • Legal description of area and total area of application
  • Total area of manure application
  • Kind and total amount of manure applied
  • Remarks