4-H Structure and Governance

4-H is an international movement. Members and volunteers have the opportunity to take part in activities at the local, provincial and national level.

Local 4-H Clubs

4-H clubs organize local activities, including social, fundraising and community events. They select officers and hold regular meetings throughout the year.

To start a new club, all you need is at least two families and one adult volunteer. For more information, contact a 4-H leader in your community or Manitoba 4-H Council www.4h.mb.ca.

Local clubs in this province are guided by the Manitoba 4-H Council.

Manitoba 4-H Council

The Manitoba 4-H Council co-ordinates province-wide programming, and invites participation in policy development and decision-making.

The Council manages the funds collected through 4-H club donations and sponsorship. Operating procedures are based on the Manitoba 4-H Council Constitution.

The Council was formed in 1951 and has a strong partnership with Manitoba Agriculture.

Canadian 4-H Council

The Canadian 4-H Council oversees 4-H in Canada. Youth have the opportunity to expand their 4-H experience through national and international conferences, exchanges, scholarships and grants.

The Council is a not-for-profit, non-governmental agency governed by a group of individuals representing sponsoring organizations. An elected board of directors governs the Council.