4-H Projects and Activities

4-H is about much more than farming! There's something for everyone. 4-H can take you around the world and back again, and leave you with memories and skills that will last a lifetime.


4-H members "learn to do by doing." After picking a project, they do hands-on activities, guided by adult leaders and project manuals. Then they showcase their work and knowledge at a year-end event called Achievement Day.

Members can choose from more than 60 projects. They can even create unique projects tailored to their own interests and personalities.

 See a full listing of projects in the 4-H Project Catalogue (PDF 3.46 MB)


Find out more about these types of projects:

4-H Hands on Science, Babysitting, Beef, Body Works, CloverbudCrafts, Pick-a-Topic, Dairy, Equine, Adventure into 4-H, Fibres & Fabrics, Food, Growing Things, Leadership, Machine, Money & More, Outdoor Living, Small Animals, Technology, Woodworking

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4-H offers a well-rounded blend of non-competitive and competitive experiences, all through the year.

Clubs often plan fun activities like bonspiels, bowling nights or parties. Conferences and workshops give 4-H'ers a way to meet with other members, and to travel provincially, nationally and internationally. 4-H even has an active exchange program with Japan!

4-H also gives members a chance to speak up. At annual communication events members at all levels can make speeches or visual presentations on topics of their choice. It's a fun way to practice speaking and interacting with others. Members compete at various levels to advance to the Provincial Communications Extravaganza.

Check out www.4h.mb.ca for details.project-manuals.aspx