Services and Capabilities 


The Food Development Centre has expertise in many processing technologies and product development including protein expertise in ingredient development and applications. Our experienced food scientists, engineers and technicians can help with: 
Protein Extraction and Product Applications:
•  Wet protein extraction technologies including centrifugation, isoelectric precipitation,   
    membrane filtration, enzyme-assisted extraction to create protein concentrates and
•  Dry protein extraction technologies such as air classification* 
•  Grinding and sifting oilseed press cakes, pulse press cakes, pulse and grain flours to create
    protein enriched fraction 
•  Functional testing* such as foaming, gelling, water binding, solubility and emulsification
•  Regulatory assistance on protein related claims and nutritional labeling
•  Protein analysis such as protein quality* on-site protein content analysis, sensory
    evaluation, and shelf life testing
•  Development of protein co-products
* in collaboration with Manitoba organizations 
Product and Process Development:
•  Formulation/recipe development
•  Sourcing alternative ingredients
•  Standardizing existing formulations and process for quality and cost control
•  Providing solutions to product quality issues
•  Sourcing and evaluating packaging options
•  Developing consumer preparation instructions
Innovation in Product Applications:
•  Finding new uses for products and by-products 
•  Developing consumer preparation instructions 
•  Comprehensive nutritional labelling for ingredient use
Meeting Regulatory Requirements
•  Comprehensive nutritional labelling 
•  Interpreting compositional, labelling, packaging and advertising regulations
•  Physical and chemial testing
•  Regulatory assistance on protein related claims and nutritional labelling
•  Identify health and nutrient claims as marketing advantages
•  Food safety consulting and food safety audits
Shelf life and Sensory Evaluation:
•  Shelf life testing
•  Microbiological testing
•  Sensory evaluation
•  Nutritional analysis
Pilot Scale Commercial Production
•  Pilot scale commercial production
•  Equipment rental