Food Labelling


Our Database and Labelling Technology

The Food Development Centre uses Genesis® R&D SQL, a nutritional analysis software program designed by ESHA Research. This software provides Nutrition Facts Table (NFT) formats that can be bilingual, standard, horizontal and linear for both Canada and the United States.

The Genesis® database has over 50,000 food item entries from a variety of food group specialty items, fast foods, frozen foods, combination foods and cooking ingredients to achieve your product's nutrient content claims.


Consulting Services

Our nutritional labelling consultant is available on a fee-for-service basis to assist you with these food labelling requirements:

  • Serving size and reference amount determination
  • Food labelling exemptions
  • Nutrient content and health claims
  • Ingredient declarations
  • Allergy and intolerance information
  • Recipe analysis
  • Nutritional analysis of menus
  • Prepare novel food submissions to Health Canada
  • Interpretation of Canadian regulations
  • Code of Federal Regulations (U.S.) interpretation
  • EU food labelling