Winnipeg Child and Family Services

If you are reporting an URGENT CHILD PROTECTION ISSUE please call
All Nations Coordinated Response Network (ANCR)

Winnipeg Child and Family Services provides a comprehensive continuum of child protection and family support services in Winnipeg in accordance with The Child and Family Services Act and The Adoption Act.

Winnipeg Child and Family Services:

  • partners with community to provide supportive and preventive services to families;
  • provides protection services to children at risk of abuse and neglect;
  • develops and provides basic and specialized placement services to meet the needs of children in care;
  • provides preservation and reunification services to families; and
  • provides adoptive and post-adoptive services to children and families when reunification is no longer an option.
For more information visit the Child and Family Services website or contact:

Winnipeg Child and Family Services Branch

Executive Office

404 – 1 Wesley Avenue
Winnipeg, MB   R3C 4C6
Phone:   204-944-4438                 
  Toll Free: 1-888-834-9767

Differential Response Unit
ACCESS Downtown
640 Main Street
Winnipeg, MB  R3B 0L8
Reception:     204-940-2167
or 204-940-8467

Downtown West – Service Unit
755 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB  R3G 0N2
Reception:         204-940-8195


Fort Garry River Heights Service Unit
Fort Garry River Heights Health and Service Centre
6 - 677 Stafford Street
Winnipeg  MB   R3M 2X7
Reception:        204-938-5282

Jarvis Office
Point Douglas A&B Service Units
Perinatal Unit; Newcomer Unit
290 Jarvis Avenue
Winnipeg  MB   R2W 5K2
Reception:        204-944-6767

Permanent Ward Unit C

500 – 326 Broadway Avenue
Winnipeg   MB   R3C 0S5
Reception:      204-944-4376


Provencher Office

Foster Care, Adoption, Permanent Ward A&B, Family Support Program, Transportation, Volunteers &  Independent Living Programs

222 Provencher Boulevard
Winnipeg  MB   R2H 0G5
Reception:        204-944-4288

River East Henderson Service Unit
River East ACCESS Centre

975 Henderson Highway
Winnipeg, MB   R2K 4L7
Reception:        204-938-5140


River East Main Service Unit
640 Main Street
Winnipeg, MB  R3B 0L8
Reception:     204-940-8423


St. Boniface/St. Vital Service Unit
490A St. Anne’s Road
Winnipeg  MB   R2M 3E1
Reception:        204-944-4286

St. James Assiniboia Service Unit

ACCESS Winnipeg West
280 Booth Drive
Winnipeg   MB   R3J 3R7
Reception:         204-940-8519


Seven Oaks Inkster Service Unit
Seven Oaks Health & Service Centre
Unit 3 – 1050 Leila Avenue
Winnipeg  MB  R2P 1W6
Reception:         204-938-5615